About Me

I am Andy Hochstetler and I have been doing software development and architecture since 1989.

Throughout my career, I’ve held positions as a developer, enterprise architect, application architect, chief architect, and technical manager. I particularly like working with like-minded technologists that share a passion for building great software. Focusing on the creativity required to build complex systems that are resilient and provide exceptional value to their users is a great outlet for my passion in software craftsmanship.

I spent many years of my early career working as a consultant which gave me the opportunity to work across a wide range of industries, company types and sizes. Most importantly I learned how to work within and across teams to apply technology and creativity to solve complex business problems in a variety of business domains. I learned early on that building excellent software at scale is a team sport and it requires us to work together as a team, leveraging our individual talents, in order to be most successful. That’s where I learned the value of being a mentor.

More recently, I’ve been working full-time for companies in the FinTech space, which has lots of opportunities to innovate and brings complex challenges to solve – especially in the areas of security and cloud-scale transaction processing. It’s a growing industry and it has a lot of amazing and passionate people working in it, which makes it a great space to work in.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy amateur astronomy, hiking the deserts, mountains, and canyons of Arizona. My wife, three kids, and four great grandkids are a blessing and to which I dedicate my life and passion. Without them and their support, none of this would have been possible.