Kicking Off The Architect Guild Blog

Since you’re reading this, I’d like to say “Welcome!” to The Architect Guild blog. I am starting this blog in order to serve a few purposes. My primary goal is to have an outlet for me to capture my thoughts and experiences based on what I work on day to day. My hope is that these posts will be useful to you as well. If I can post things that are relevant and helpful to any of you, then I will consider this a success. Building large, complex systems is a team sport and helping one another to be successful is one of the best reasons I can think of to do this.

A secondary goal is to provide a place where I can collect guidance for Enterprise and Application Architects. I won’t try to say that this is (or even will be) a definitive list – especially in the beginning as I’m building out the site. But I’m hopeful that over time it will evolve into a useful source of reference. Wherever possible, I’ll include references to other sites and pages that will help to fill in the missing pieces. My hope is that over time this can become a valuable resource to those of us working in the trenches everyday to support our teams and companies to successfully delivery high-quality systems.

I’m glad you’re here and welcome you to come back and visit often. My hope is to contribute to this blog and the related content very regularly. Integrating that into my work stream will help me to collect my thoughts and make it more easily consumable. I’ll do that based on what I’m actually working on, which should keep it relevant and useful.

Anyway – thanks for visiting and I hope to see you back again!


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